Holding Careless Truckers And Their Employers Accountable

When the negligent driver of a commercial truck causes an 18-wheeler accident that injures or kills, the experienced Anchorage personal injury and wrongful death attorneys of Flanigan & Bataille know what it takes to make sure that driver — and his or her employer's insurer — accountable.

Getting To The Bottom Of What Caused Your Accident

A trucking accident can happen in a number of ways. Commercial truckers can be poorly trained, use drugs or alcohol, drive in distracted fashion or be in the habit of cutting corners where load sizes and shifting loads are concerned.

The truck itself may lack regular maintenance or need to be repaired. Dangerous and defective roadway hazards can also be factors.

Regardless of how your trucking accident occurred, changing or ending precious lives, Flanigan & Bataille lawyers in Anchorage Alaska, aggressively protect your rights during every phase of the legal process — investigation, negotiation and litigation in court if necessary.

Seeking Compensation For All Your Needs

Michael W. Flanigan and Christian N. Bataille are dedicated to helping you maximize your recovery from the effects of car and truck collisions. While you work hard to recover from a catastrophic injury, or the tragedy of a loved one's wrongful death, you deserve to have the best legal representation available to work just as hard in obtaining compensation for:

  • Lost income from time off the job
  • Medical bills
  • Vehicle replacement costs
  • Emotional trauma
  • Pain and suffering

Guess Which Vehicle Sustains More Damage In A Truck Accident?

A common reason that motorists sustain debilitating injuries, paralysis or disfigurement in trucking accidents is the tremendous size and weight difference between a conventional vehicle on the one hand, and an enormous 18-wheeler or tractor-trailer on the other. During a collision, the power, speed and heft of the big rig can easily overwhelm smaller vehicles, leaving catastrophe and death in its wake.

Talk To Us About Your Case For Free

If a trucking accident has happened to you, Flanigan & Bataille has the experience and resources to help you pursue compensation for injuries you sustained. Plus, our services are provided on a contingency fee basis— you owe no attorney fee unless we win your case.

Contact Flanigan & Bataille today. Your initial consultation with our truck accident lawyers in Anchorage is free of charge and can be conducted at your home or hospital room if the injuries from a trucking accident prevent you from traveling. Call 907-279-9999 or email us with any questions.